Should i feel this way

ever day wellmost of the days in the month i wanted to runaway because i feel i cant make it thru at home theres arguing abuse evrything at school i hhavent been yet so idk wats uph there umm things with ppl i feel like that notthings gonna get better an i just want to escape mylife now idk where i wud go if i left so i need help is running away the worst thing to do should i feel this way if you want me to elaborate i will jus plzz answer my ????? idk wat to do


no one should want to run away from any situation, it causes more problems in the long run, for u

but your situation is not to be lived either please keep trying to get help untill someone will listen to u.

its time to put u first and not be beaten by others who are stealing from u, its not fair the situation u live in but sadly only u can make the first steps to gettin out.

phone someone to get help with the abuse and follow it thru

the streets are no place for anyone to live on or sleeping on others sofas, u deserve better

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

i understand that now and ive finally looked into help and im getting it its extremely hard but i think im ready to do thisim just worried if i tell the truth the full truth wat wud happn to the ppl i tllk about or wat wud happen to me wud i be admitted to a hospital or wud i be put on meds??So should i tell the full honest truth

What a beautiful name.

Questions or statements that contain words like should or shouldn't usually indicate that you are unsure of your own judgment. They show that you are trying to find out what other people think and then trying to make yourself believe what ever the most popular opinion of other people is. Rather than trusting your own feelings. If it doesn't feel right to you. Than its not.

I grew up hearing stuff like: You should be ashamed of yourself.
Or: You shouldn't feel that way.

What's up with that? Does this person really expect me to purposely inflict feelings of shame and embarrassment on myself ? What do you think I'm stupid or what? How is that going to help anything?

Or How many times have you been in my situation? Who the F*&% are you to tell me how I should feel. I'll tell you how I should feel. I should feel happy and peaceful and I don't. So obviously something has to change so I can do that.

It would be great if you could make it so everybody would stop arguing and fighting. Unfortunately In reality the only one you can change is yourself.

You could start by: stop telling yourself how awful it is. that just makes you feel bad. As a matter of fact you can make yourself unhappy by just thinking about how bad it is even when your not in that environment. They call that depression.

Next: you could just accept the fact that they are a mess. But lucky for you. You realize it's not good. So without fighting or arguing about it, in fact you don't have to tell them anything. Just tell yourself that your not going to act like they are. you can change yourself and simply chose not to be a part of it.

Then: This may sound a little weird at first but in this case it's actually a good thing. You can feel sorry for them. Like gee it's really a bummer that they act that way, but I've decided that getting involved in all that crap makes me unhappy, so I've decided to just not be a part of it.

If you make it to this point your starting to have a healthy attitude. Talk to someone about what you can do to cheer yourself up. What can I do to make myself feel better because I know now that I can only change my self. I can't change them. If I try change them I'll just end up arguing with them like they do, and I'm not going to do that.

By now you'll probably be starting to feel at least a little bit better about yourself. So when your talking to someone else remember the only one you can really change is yourself. so don't bother asking how you can change, or in other words, control and manipulate them. Remember you decided to just let them do their thing and your not going to be a part of it.

Look for things you can do away from home that you enjoy. Not because your tying to forget about them, You've already done that. Find things that make you happy cuz it's not about them anymore. Now your working on making you happy. Find some good positive thinking friends. Hang with the winners it just might rub off on you. If you find enough things to do away from home, you won't have to be in that environment for long anyway. you'll be happier because you'll feel more valuable, needed, and worth something. Just look at the progress your making on this project or that one. I'm important because my friends need me to do this or that.

By now: people are going to notice the difference. your likely to get questions even from the people at home. Girl? What did you do? your like a completely different person.

You'll probably be a little older by now and allot wiser.
and defiantly more happy.

Isn't That pretty much what your question was to start with.
"I feel like crap because of this... What can I do to feel better"?

There is no quick easy way. But there is a way!! I just told ya. Read it a few times till ya really get it and by all means keep asking for help. But stop asking what you can do about them. And keep asking what you can do about you.

Love and prayers
Patrick L

okay i understand and that sorta was my ? umm i was saying i was sad and i want to escape my problems but running away want help them at all!! but you answered it in a different way which made sense things willl comethrough and i dont think runnnig away is a such a good thing right now!

Hi Mahkayleigh, I ran away from home at 17. Believe me it is scary out there in the big ole world. I came back home about a week later. I was grateful to be back home. I didn't leave again until I was 24. I don't know how old you are but you did mention school so I assume you are still in school. I suggest seeing one of your counselors out at the school and talk with them about what is going on with you. If not the counselor, then talk with another adult whom you feel you can trust about what is going on. You do not deserve to be abused or have to live on the streets. You are worth and deserve better. Keep sharing with us here. I know it helps to talk. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))

yeah i understand and i realized i dont want to run away any more i cant run away from probelems it gets yuou No where?


im happy that u decided not to run away. yes its time to shout and tell the whole truth, i dont think u will be put in hospital but u will be checked out by a doc and u could be given meds to help u thru the transition period.

just try hon to get out of the situation so u can forfull your potential as an inteligent beautiful girl who has so much to offer

take care

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)

Yeah i dont think ill be hospitalized at the moment back then i think i could have beEN and thanks i think i can make it through it and ill be okaythanks for the encourgement~!!!