Should women start carrying condoms for just in case

I read a very interesting debate regarding "Should women start carrying condoms for 'just in case'?" and there were very strong points to both sides of the YES and NO. What are your thoughts on this?

Here is one side from Helium Author Emma Barry who says that "YES" women should carry condoms;

"We are entirely responsible for the consequences of any planned or unplanned sexual liaisons, the thought process involved in taking a condom out with you means that in all likelihood you have considered the consequences of having sex. You have mentally examined the importance of staying safe and you are making a conscious decision to do everything you can to not become pregnant or infected whilst also enjoying life. It is pretty much a certainty that the women who carries the condom just in case is more mature, responsible and considerate than the women who thinks it will never happen to her.

This is not a debate about the drop in society’s moral standards this is a debate about how women are viewed by society. Why should they not carry condoms? Does it make them seem masculine; does it scare society that women can have feelings of sexual empowerment as well as men? Or is it the idea that a ‘just in case’ eventuality might occur? Despite your opinion on the morals of frivolous and casual sex surely this is the best eventuality? We cannot prevent people from having sex so why not encourage it in its safest form? This applies to both sexes, possibly more so the women who will be left pregnant, there is no harm being done by a women being strong enough to say “I am not yet ready to have the responsibility of bringing up a child.”

And, here is the opposing side from Helium Author Robert Allport who says that "NO" women should not carry condoms;

"Exercising restraint and moral discretion is one of the precious few things that separate us from the wilds of the animal world and as much as we take pride in our humanity it would seem we should have long ago conquered our baser impulses. We need not wait until that one unplanned incident catches us unprepared to decide exactly what we are going to do in a moment we all know very well will arrive if we continue to plow ahead. Why do we ask for pain and misery? Is it written in our genetic constitution?

We need not wait until we are senior citizens looking back with a shopping list of regrets to decide we took the wrong course in life and made foolish decisions. We see these things coming from a distance while there remains ample time to make a well informed decision before we cross the line into a “just in case” loss of self-respect, moral integrity, and responsible behavior. How is it that we fail to plan for the natural function of reproductive organs? How is it that we fail to plan for the consequences of immoral behavior?

Obviously, taking a “no” position on the issue of whether women should come equipped with their own condoms will not prove popular with some. And it is equally obvious that a “no” position by no means reflects the reality of a social landscape that clamors more loudly with the passing of each day for increasing liberty to pursue this inalienable right to life and unhappiness: we will have it our stubborn, immoral way even if it means every first date must come complete with steamer trunks of condoms in tow. In contrast with the ideal of human potential, the whole proposition is silly and childish at best."

I don't personally, and don't plan to ever. I can control myself, and I feel that if women need to take birth control, the least a man can do is provide the condoms. This is just my opinion. More power to women who take the initiative. Guess there's no harm in being prepared.

xo, July

I am honestly right there with you July. I've never carried condoms, and really don't plan to. Although, I've had girlfriends telling me that I should have some at home when dating and in a relationship. I suppose that when in a relationship, it's a bit different, but I can't imagine taking them out on the town with me...that would feel strange. Guess that's the traditional girl in me.

I’m a traditional gal as well and I honestly don’t ever go out wondering, “gee, will I find someone and sleep with them tonight?” Maybe it’s easier for me because I don’t drink, hence always accountable for my actions, but I’m glad the girls that do plan on having casual sex, are at least prepared. I know some people that could just care less. And there are guys out there that certainly don’t care, so beware!

xo, July

It is a good responsible thing to do if you're into casual sex. I'm just not into it, so guess that's why I've never carried condoms.

So... The question pretty much "should women allow themselves to be prepared to have safe sex".

Am I missing something here? What exactly is wrong with a woman carrying condoms?

Neue, that's a very valid point. I guess that I'm a pretty traditional girl who doesn't have sex outside of a relationship, but on the whole I don't think that there's anything wrong with that.

That 'NO' argument is such a holier-than-thou moralistic bullshit. I can't believe that woman actually took the time to craft a contrary argument. this is an issue of personal responsibility, choice, I mean how many other things do women carry around? A condom somehow adds to the burden of a purse?

Though I wonder, do single guys carry condoms? I mean do ordinary single Joes who are heading out for the night to a bar, do they carry condoms? I almost think most wouldn't-- simply because you probably did in the early days of going out and trying to hook up but you struck out so often you stopped kidding yourself by actually bringing condoms. But I've been married for almost 10 years so maybe I've disconnected.

I have 3 daughters ages 21, 19 and 17. I first, recommended to them to be abstinent but I am also not blind about the way life is today. I suggested to each of them to have condoms even if they use some other birth control method. This is to protect themselves from the transmission of diseases. It is their body and up to them to protect it. I took the birth control pill for many years. Just because I took it didn't mean I was looking to have sex with everyone which I wasn't. I took it because I was being responsible for myself. I tell my daughters to not depend on the guy for their birth control and protection. If they should get pregnant and/or get a sexually transmitted disease, they have to deal with it. I think it is a matter of being mature and responsible for yourself.

I think that if a woman thinks that she will potentially sleep with a man when going out on a date, going out on the town, etc, then she should most definitely carry condoms. There has to be a mutual responsibility. When I'm in a relationship, I make sure that I'm stocked up on condoms at home, I don't expect my boyfriend to always bring them. It's all about sharing the responsibility of practicing safe sex whether in or out of a relationship. I just happen to not go out and sleep with men and that's the only reason that I don't carry them in my purse, otherwise I most definitely would.