Sick of the schedule

Hey all :)

So I need your input...a lot of the time, my schedule during the day doesn't allow me to eat my meals when I'm actually hungry. Now I'm not saying I'm going to SKIP them, but it's just hard to eat so much and then 3 hours later do it again. So I guess my question to you is more...just your thoughts I suppose.

But just so you know. I AM getting in all my calories, and I am eating healthy. No one here should question their own plans because of what I have here. Personally, I'd love a renovation on it.

Today would be a perfect example of my restricted schedule. I had Kung Fu from 12:00-1:30, and then worked at 4:30. So I woke up around 8:30 to have breakfast. Good. But the inbetween time after is what gets me. I usually like to eat dinner BEFORE I go to work, because I usually don't get off till 9:00 or later, and my stomach doesn't agree with richer foods that late (which would be supper foods)..but then where does lunch fit in? Trying to do both in the span of about 2 and a half hours is horribly uncomfortable, and I'd have lunch before Kung Fu, but eating large meal BEFORE such exercise would leave me with cramps and feeling nauseous.
The other one is just working at 4:00 and still having supper early. Or having Kung fu at 7:00 so eating at 4:00 so it has time to digest.

So my thoughts for situation #1 are:
-Wake up earlier for breakfast (maybe 6\6:30) ...I can always go back to sleep right? :P
-Around 9 ish have a snack
- Go to Kung Fu
- Have a small snack
- Have supper
- Work
- Have a heftier night snack
- sleep


- Follow same thing up to Kung fu
- Have lunch after kung fu
- Work
- Try supper at night time with combined night snack
- sleep

The basic same idea could go for the others.
I think the main thing I need to do is just have denser, smaller portioned foods so that I'm not so full but still get what I need. Either that or wake up at an ungodly hour.

Any suggestions? I'd really love to follow my hunger here. It would make eating so much easier.

Paige xoxo

How big is your breakfast? A lot of people make that the big meal of the day.

I actually eat dinner foods for breakfast. I hate eating sugary stuff in any meal. I also feel much healthier when I eat something filled with protein and well balanced for breakfast. Then, throughout the day I can eat much smaller meals and stuff that is light to eat like salad.

Maybe, you could make your lunch and dinner portable. Something like wraps. You can eat on the go until your schedule becomes more convenient for you to sit down at a table.

My breakfast is usually big and I try to keep it well rounded.
As for a salad...that wouldn't really be something that would be very hard to reach my caloric goals with. And I always go portable if I need to, but these certain activities don't allow me to eat during. Kung Fu is all exercise and I go straight home...and I don't get breaks at work (because they're only 4 hours shifts). So I more have to work AROUND them.

Thanks though,
Paige xoxo


I know this flies in the face of everything our culture teaches us, but a very wise woman (Jan) once told me that I have to plan my life around my meals, not the other way around. :) It's a completely new way to think, I realize... And sometimes it takes some reworking things... For example, possibly explaining to your boss that you have a medical condition (?) that requires you to eat at a certain time. I'm sure a doctor could provide a note if necessary. It might feel awkward for a while, but I can promise you that others will admire your ability to take care of yourself. And eventually, doing so, comes much more naturally. ♥




I've never thought of things that way! What a smart Seriously my mind set has totally changed.

Thank you so much for your input. I really appreciate it :)

Paige xoxo

It opened my eyes, too. ♥

My schedule makes it so easy for me not to eat which means I don't purge. But then I get in the habit of not eating which also poses problems...its like I can't win. Try to make the schedule help you to eat and help you to know what and when you're going to. I need a schedule to stay focused and hopefully focus on eating better without purgeing. Stay strong :) Sonrisas

Personally what I would do in your situation is just have breakfast when I wake up. I wouldn't wake up innecessarily. But maybe would it be bad to break up your lunch and dinner into two? It's good to eat both before and after work outs. So if you had part of your lunch befor Kung Fu and the other half after maybe that would work better? Plus that way you wouldn't feel full before work. Then you could have Half you dinner before work and half after. It's just a thought.

Hope everything is well. :)


I usually eat lunch food at breakfast also. I have a bad habit of eating really small meals. Now, with my blood sugar that drops when I do not have enough food, it forces me to eat even when I do not want to. I am having a problem reaching my -- calories daily. I do not have an appetite. When my blood sugar drops then I have to eat.

Just to reiterate...I DO think it's vital to keep your mindset on your recovery being priority. It doesn't mean that you don't live your life fully, but rather, you are learning how to live your life fully. Plan your life around your eating....and ask for what you need. As Jen mentioned, your boss should honor your medical needs, just as he would someone with any other condition which required regular times for 'medication' (food). A meal plan is not forever, but recovery is....please do what you need to!! Jan ♥

Allee! I LOVE your idea! That would definitely make things so much easier, splitting things up like that :)
I already do eat breakfast as soon as I wake up too. Sometimes I'm still half asleep :P

And no worries Jan :) Recovery is always in mind. When my meals times are is usually the first thing I think about whenever I make plans; and I make sure it's clear when we will be eating.

Thanks so much for all the input everyone :) It means so much to have people understand :)
Paige xoxo

hmmm sorry im late on this one---ive been so ill...

anyway---paige again , you nail exactly what am going thru--AMAZING! i have the exact same problem--like yesterday we were traveling on the road a lot- and i look at the clock and it is past lunch and im like---oh gee! i asked my fiancee who was sooooooo busy with sooooooo many different things, andi hated asking him but i said can we stop somewhere and eat? i forgot before cuz i was stressed... so we sotpped at a little store and i got soemthings--but i got jipped. the chicken wrap had barely any chicken in it. i was like---what? this is nothing! so i told my fiancee of the situation and i asked what i can do and he said go back and get something else--so i got a sandwich , a protein bar and--a NAKED juice--i love those --if there isnt something good around --it provided good nutrition and calories. i also found something else i can get to add calories in my diet i liked. anyway, so i ate that, but still wasnt filling since i was ill and weak. but i tried..and this happens to me if im busy--what you said before ---that if you are involved in things and forget----but jen i s right ----to plan your life around your meals--good one jen! ha....and make that a priority and think meal first and activity second..

this is a great question paige---i would totally agree with alle --eat a little before and after workouts....

this is something i always am curious about....


Paige...I really admire your dedication to recovery and the mature questions you pose here. Please keep sharing...♥


Are you feeling better? Did you see the doctor yet?
Thinking of you...Jan ♥

jan–still a bit sick–a bit better but stll ill. i managed to get a little of a vacation in yesterday yes it was awesome! but i did get sick from it cuz i waas still ill when i went. but i wanted to go. and i did feel better yesterday–today a different story i feel awful…im hoping to pull through… i had a wonderful time though–will share more tommorrow!

i saw my doc and he said it is a virus and will run its course. but it is a bad virus—one that would knock anyone down…

special–i think it is awesome your determination on fighitng ED!


My schedule is actually a bit different this week, so I've been getting in meals more spaced out (thank goodness!) and I'm starting to try more new things.
However next Saturday is my Kung Fu grading so I'll be doing it starting at 1:00pm for apparently at least 4 hours. I plan to bring snacks, water and juice for during. My boyfriend says they give us breaks...and I'm so excited to move up a level! I just hope the muscle I pulled heals by then.

I haven't gotten a chance to try out the splitting up of meals just yet because Saturday hasn't rolled around. And we actually don't have class because of a tournament that day (I'm not don't know enough), so I get a restful morning :)

Paige xoxo