Sick & Tired of the bs, but sick & tired of spending nights alone

I never talk in support groups anymore, been burned one too many times by judgemental ppl that don't believe in "Just not lest ye be judged." U know, the ppl who claim 2b Christian when they're rly not.
I don't know what 2say abt myself, cuz this is pretty much my very first post since Ive joined. I guess, 2help, I'll put my personals add here, & hopefully I dont get in trouble. lol
I'm somewhere along the lines of being outgoing n shy; social flutterbye to an intimate romantic. I would suppose it depends on the person I am with. The type to be serious about, someone that needs understanding, patience, and to be as well-treated as anyone should be. I have brown hair that I dye every so often, am overweight (working on it tho, or at least trying), and have a few other imperfections that shouldn't bother anyone that's looking for someone that can be fun, energetic, a li'l quirky, and tho not exactly the person u might wanna take home to Mom, still the person u could just MAYBE fall in love with.
My name is Anna. I am visually impaired (myopia/nystagmus), have mild Cerebral Palsy, scoliosis, along with mild anxiety (that can get bad sometimes), Mood Disorder NOS, scoliosis, and PDD-NOS (autism).
I love animals, the outdoors (tho only active when I can be), hanging out with friends (if I had any I could hang with- all my good friends are long distance), and love all types of music.
I love cuddling, anything romantic . . . Love trying new things, depending upon what the "new things" would be.
Looking for a Hispanic or Caucasian male that is between the ages of 30-45 years old that lives in or very near my area. Seeking someone that is willing (and able) to show EMPATHY, not SYMPATHY. Someone who will let me be who I want to be, and not try to change me. Wanting a decent, understanding. honest, sensitive (but not OVERsensitive) man that doesn't play mind games; that knows what he wants and mean what he says. Nobody's perfect, so they shouldn't expect perfection.
I'm looking for someone to email n talk on the phone back n forth with, email/IM, hang with, and see where it goes from there. Not sure what I am looking for relationship-wise anymore, so I guess just looking for friends for now. My life can get pretty lonely, so guess I'm also looking for ppl to hang out with- male or female."
If anyone wants to get to know me better, just send me an IM on Y! msgr (bluenpinklavenders),. Hope to hear from u soon.
Ive been abused and taken advantage of in many ways, and just looking for someone honest.

Hi Babygirlbear, I just responded to your other post and hope it helps. Please let me know if there's anything that I can do to help you.

where is the post?

You posted the same thing in different groups, so that's what I responded to.