Side Effects of Marijuana Use

I did some research on the side effects of marijuana, because a man who I was recently dating [and who I still care about very much] seems to have a dependency on it;

"Marijuana is commonly known as chronic, pot or hash and is consumed either by eating, smoking or by soaking it in tea. It is easy to consume this drug in large quantities while eating it and hence most cases of over dosing generally arise from this. There is also a number of ways in which this drug can be smoked. Whether the human body is exposed to this plant in small or large quantities, side effects are a sure fall out. Side effects of using marijuana vary from the simple increase in appetite to much graver threats like lung cancer. Let us explore what marijuana is capable of doing to the human body.

Effects on the regulatory system in the brain

Making a habit of smoking or ingesting marijuana can be disastrous for the brain. The drug affects the chemical balance in the regulatory system and the pleasure centre of the brain. This imbalance in turn makes adaptation to changes slower and starts affecting things like memory and learning ability.


Depression is also another common symptom that comes with the use of marijuana. This symptom is a vicious cycle as the person soon finds him or herself using the drug to get rid of the depression that has been caused by the drug in the first place..."


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I wish that more people will read your article. Very important information for all of us and it is not as simple as it sounds, the side effects are serious. Thank you for posting this and God bless you.

Marcie, thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. I know people who partake in marijuana use and it was also the cause of the end of a relationship for me, so I take it quite seriously. I think that it's always good to know what you are getting yourself into when partaking in any type of substance that alters your mood(s).