Sigh! i gave into my emotions and replied to his texts. we

sigh!!! i gave into my emotions and replied to his texts. well i never responded to his previous texts and he stopped bothering me. but i was doing a sketch of him the other day and began missing him and i put up this poetry about an artist in love as my whatsapp profile picture. when i woke up, i saw his texts , asking me where am i and how he thought i wud have blocked him by now and he said those are nice lines....are u the artist or the poet and if a guy did that to u i would totally screw him up. then he said he wants to see my perfect pose pics. i didnt really go all crazy on the replies and tried to sound calm. he said i went off the radar so he thought i blocked him....i jokingly asked well did u send a search party? he said nope. they got better things to do. reason being one shouldnt go looking for someome meant to disappear.
then he asked for my "latest and greatest pic" and when i didnt respnd he said fine dont act smart.
i didnt go talking to him, he came to me, then whats the whole "i dont go looking for someome...." line ???!!!!!! is he playful or just plain arrogant?

i would like to mention that i do not know if he is a narc. but he does seem like one. since i am into him, i may not be a good judge of the situation and need people t tell me if he really is weird or its just that i need to much attention?

@TJ03 narc or not you can totally do better. Alone is better even! It is hard Hun and you need to choose the right path for you and the one you are ready for whatever that may be but you deserve much more and please remember he won’t ever change xx

Your typing this here means that you actually do know the answer to your own question. But... regardless... What is your choice? Keep torturing yourself? Or putting up with a little temporary sadness and reminiscing to get this "phase" over?

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@wahlecoyote i move forward , i begin doing great and then he just shows up somehow. i have time and again been told to block him but before my vacation is over and i go back to my country, i wanted to gift him a painting. this might be stupid for some but this is because unintentionally he helped me through my divorce. also he took me out thrice and never let me pay. i am not keeping anyones favour on me. i will somehow have this sent to him.

Be careful OK? Don't put hurt on yourself.

@wahlecoyote yes thanks…i will give up on this if i see another sign from him i should not.