Signs a child is being bullied

If you're a parent, guardian, sibling or teacher and you are worried about a child being could look out for the following signs.

Children may :

-Be frightened of walking to and from school
-Change their usual route
-Not want you to go on the school bus
-Beg you to drive them to school
-Be unwilling to go to school (or be 'school phobic')
-Feel ill in the mornings
-Begin truanting
-Begin doing poorly in their school work
-Come home regularly with clothes or books destroyed
-Come home starving (bully taking dinner money)
-Become withdrawn, start stammering, lack confidence
-Become distressed and anxious, stop eating
-Attempt or threaten suicide
-Cry themselves to sleep, have nightmares
-Have their possessions go missing
-Ask for money or start stealing (to pay the bully)
-Continually 'lose' their pocket money
-Refuse to talk about what's wrong
-Have unexplained bruises, cuts, scratches
-Begin to bully other children, siblings
-Become aggressive and unreasonable
-Give improbable excuses for any of the above


If the child is showing these signs, please talk to them or someone else about this.

If you know of a child that is being bullied please tell an adult you can remain annonomous. But would be giving them such a gift to help them.

Love to you all
Moongal x

Moongal, this is an excellent post and so incredibly informative. I really think that this topic needs to be brought more and more to light and it's because of you that this will be brought to light here on Support Groups. Thank you for that.