Signs that He's Lost Interest

Wow, this really hits the nail on the head. I love this breakdown of signs that your partner's lost interest;

"Love often tampers with our senses. Though the signs of change in feelings can be quite obvious, we always hope for a miracle, expecting the situation to change for the better.

You will know if your man has lost interest in you, though you will be unwilling to acknowledge the fact. Men can be quite expressive when they are in love. Most of them know how to demonstrate their feelings and interest in a lady. Once this interest diminishes or disappears, their behavior changes.

Though it is painful, acknowledging that your man has lost interest is important in terms of making decisions about your future...."


I hope that never happens to me :s

I know and me both :-) It's just something to be aware of and to look out for. I think that every relationship is so different and there are so many different facets that can affect someone's behavior in a relationship, such as life circumstances.