Signs that someone falling in love

Nice article that discusses the signs that someone is falling in love with you;

"How do you know someone is falling in love? It is not difficult to spot and it is surprising how some of the following tell signs can give the person away:

Happiness radiates from the person who is falling in love, especially if they know their feelings are being reciprocated. They laugh and smile a lot more and there's a sudden burst of song which takes everyone by surprise. They look more attractive and people often complement them on how well they look.

Looking after their fitness becomes priority and they seem to care a lot more about how they look. Sometimes they start changing their wardrobe to reflect a different look depending on what their partner likes to see them wearing.

Finding love changes their choice of listening music and romantic songs are back on the scene...."


Hi puppydoglvr,
I had that signs once, for the first time. It was so beautifull . But now remembering just hurts.
Best wishes.