Simply can't understand

Im new to this..never seeked out help. I've been a single mom to my son since he was born his father used to be my best friend for nine years..yesterday i found out he is getting married to another female who has four kids and he wants to sign over his rights to our son. he said he was willing to abandon our son to be married to this girl he just met..he has two other kids he still sees and tries for..I've never done anything wrong to him but love and be faithful to him. the other girls have slept with his best friends and twin brother..but he treated my son and i the worse and never tried to be his father..i need let me know im not alone.

we are here for you. if you can, get legal help. sometimes local women's groups have funding for legal counsel. Office of Child Support is another resource. very sorry for your situation.

no you are not alone. sounds like the issue is his, not yours, sounds like you are trying to do the right thing by your son. Keep that up, your son and you, like my oldest son and I, will always be there for each other, and you will be closer than you ever realize. sounds like the father just wants to get out of support, obviously doesn't realize when things don't work out in his new marriage, he'll probably have to pay for all those kids that aren't even his. when he grows up, and you and your son have moved on, he will realize that he dissed his own blood for what? that's something he will have to come to grips with later on when he's old. You just keep on keepin on and love your son w all your heart, it'll get better!

Thank you. he's been on child support and he just wants no responsibility for anything.

sorry he's a "dead beat". he'll have to pay support no matter what.

Yes he is but he calls himself a weekend dad not a deadbeat yet he's only seen him twice in one year not even when he was at a near death experience did that boy see my child. idk what to do..he wants to sign his rights away but...that's just too easy for him..he doesn't want to pay.

do you hve family or friends for support emotionally? I found that when I was 19 and had my first son and I had left the father, he was basically a dead beat. Didn't get any support from him at all, I think in 23 yrs my son may have gotten around $400. I said to hell with it, went to work, got some daycare, medical, and food from the state, they went after him for yrs. Then when my son turned 18, right away I got papers from the sister to sign off on the support. Yet, this guy actually started talkin to my son and he is on his facebook, I was like REALLY????????But I left the choice to my son, he talks on fb w the guy once in awhile, but what really makes me pissed right clean off is that my son has been in Afghanistan for almost a year, and this joker goes on fb and tells him how proud he is of his son??!! My kid, as well as any other kid can see right thru it, your son will too.Have youspoken to legal aid or anything? I'm just wondering if a judge or friend of court would let that fly, I mean give me a break, yer gonna sign off on yer own flesh and blood so you can raise other people's kids?? I don't know, you are really gonna have to think about this... myself personally, I was kind of glad my son didn't have to go thru the b.s. with all the visitation and all that. You have to do what YOU think is right for you and your son, I think maybe you should talk to legal aid, a lawyer, and maybe friend of the court, get a few more opinions and make your decision from there. I wish you all the best in doing that, it's really hard!! but in the end like I said before, he will be the one suffering all in all!

he has to pay no matter what. he DOES NOT get to NOT PAY. whether he visits or not, child support is NOT optional. contact Office of Child Support and learn your rights.

If he doesn't want to see his son, that's his loss. If he's that low of a human, you are better off without his visitations. What the heck is he going to teach your son?

Monalee i do have support from my family but its hard for them to understand when none of them are single parents.or ever had to go through half the stuff i have. i know when my son is older he will have questions and at that point it will be his choice. he isn't the best person he is a low life. He wants to raise someone else's kids its just more fuel to the fire to resent him. that's horrible what you abduction your son went through and to claim your child to act like a proud father for his own selfish reasons. thank your son for his services. Andine i have contacted them in fact today they can't really help me they said he needs to report his contact information in order to enforce even if he fails to report his new job..i need to find more info about his whereabouts if in 30 days nothing has changed then they would review my case or possible legal action..i can't do this for another 16 + years. And attorney are so expensive..i make it comfortably now without his fathers help so i don't have extra for legal help to take this to court.

don't pay a lawyer, let OCS do their job. if ex is a true low life, he won't work just to avoid paying (in my State he would still lose his license and go to jail). do your best to put him in the past. sorry you have to go thru this crap.

be thankful your son is healthy and you don't have to live w/ the dead beat! plenty of women have moved on and raised great kids, you will do the same.