Since learning that I had this infection, I lost all interes

Since learning that I had this infection, I lost all interest in everything romantic. I used to be the biggest romantic, daydreaming of my would be love life, reading romance novels, and all, but now I don't think I could even fathom a man sitting next to me. I feel gross and ruined.

I've had this since I was in the incubator. I am almost 18 years old. I used to think the same way. Right now , I have a man who is 28 years old and we have been together almost two years. We are very careful. But we still have romance. Careful as in, we limit our kisses and when I have it (like now) i am extremely careful and so is he. Yes, it can and is annoying and sometimes he isn't sensitive to my feelings but he still loves me and understands its a burden to me. When I told him I was so scared that he would leave me but he didn't. You can have romance, all it is now is be careful with it.

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I agree ever since I was diagnosed I gave up on romance, relationships, and all that mushy stuff. I don't even watch romantic movies anymore. I just believe that, having any interest in that is not in the picture for me right now I don't even look at men who are attractive in any kind of way anymore it's just makes my skin crawl when I think of anything romantic