Since you guys are telling me not to attack people for treat

Since you guys are telling me not to attack people for treating other people and their kids badly, I just want to say something. Like my family didn't hear me or protect me? Now it's my turn to attack people verbally for treating other people and their kids wrong to make myself feel better and protect their children.

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Is that what you really want to do? Hurt other people?
I don't think you really want to.
Lashing out at someone while they are in trouble and need help is not good. I feel you are hurt to hear her kids are in trouble too. And yes, I hear you want to protect them like you want to be ptotected. In order to protect those kids nom has to find a safe place to live. So we need to support mom out of harm's way. She is hurting physically and emotionally. It is very difficult to move forward while you are being beat down. Understand?

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@Inmylittleroom Yes.

How are Narc's formed?

@DearPeace What do you mean?

oh, yes DearPeace, please do explain to Shawnay what can happen when people start mimicking their abusers.

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@Inmylittleroom Some times we have to allow people to learn through their experiences.

I have read your posts. You have struggles in your life. Can I ask if you are autistic or something like that? If you don't want to answer that is okay. I just want to understand you better.
I'll tell you something about me... I love food way too much! :)

@Inmylittleroom Yes. I am autistic.

Hey, the anger you’re feeling is pretty normal after everyrhing you’ve been through, and it’s totally valid if you’ve observed people abusing their children…! That’s a normal reaction to seeing abuse, period. However idk the backstory to this, but just make sure you don’t confront the person , like yell or anything like that partly because of your safety but also because sometimes we aren’t necessarily able to resolve the issue ourselves. If you’ve observed child abuse, you can call child protective services and let them know everything aboit it and they investigate the situation especially if you know where they live or work or the child goes to school and the name. Always just keep a written record and the child protection officers are highly trained and know the appropriate way to investigate and handle the situation. And it’s absolutely every citizen’s duty to report. That’s an actual LEGAL thing, that all citizens in Canada are required to report child abuse or suspected child abuse. You aren’t meddling, a failure to report abuse actually counts as neglect of the child, and it’s being a bystander. So not everyone is aware of that, but I encourage you if you’re interested in protecting children to check out your local child protection agencies and volunteer. :slight_smile: You get all sorts of training in understanding these issues better. Also I think you are doing amazing, ans you’re an amazing person for caring about children who often have no voice. I’m sorry that you went through what you went througj as a child, and you’re very strong and your heart is in the right place. Unfortunately it’s a complex issue as always but you’re right the first priority are the kids and their safety. Child protection usually checks it out and makes the assessment, as lonh as you report it you’ve done great.