Single mom—solo solo

I am struggling to find any ounce of patience with my children. I feel guilty for wanting to be alone but I just can’t deal. We spend time, 24/7. I am the only caretaker, and I am in the middle of a mental crisis. My friends and family have turned on me, and my only support isn’t very sturdy. I need to talk sometimes, other times I need a hug. But my kids are my life and I love that, just wish I had help. Like someone to lean on when the kids gotta lean on me, you know?

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Finding a church setting of love is the best way to get those needs met. Most churches have kids gatherings while u have adult gatherings there.

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I have been there trust me, I have 3 little ones and they can be a handful 99 percent of the time. What helps me is knowing that the moment of them being young will end soon. This is temporary, this experience that you are having right now will not last. Try to appreciate them as they are at this moment, also self care is very important. Try not to lose yourself in the process, Give them screen time if you must and take that steamy shower. Read a self help book as guidance. “The power of NOW” Is the book that changed my whole mindset. Also remember everything happens for a reason and rejection is protection. Have them play outside will you hear yourself breath in trying to silence your mind. It will help with self peace and relaxation. In case no one told you, you’re an amazing mom​:heart::heart:You are LOVED​:heart:

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Boy, I can relate to this. I also raised my daughter alone. I love @sugarbear10 suggestion of Church support. Not only do they have in service help but they often hold Vacation Bible School during summer months and when kids get a bit older they can be involved with Church groups.

Depending on their age, I suggest reciprocal play dates where you take turns with another mother.
Also look for free community events in your town. Children’s Museums, Libraries, Boys And Girls Clubs, YMCA often offer free events where you can drop off kids for a break.

Sometimes I got more done in 1 1/2 hrs. while she was at library than I could all week. This relieved stress and helped me feel more on top of things.

Remember to use this time for self care as well.

They grow up fast… keep the faith, stay close and ask for help :slightly_smiling_face: