*slight TW* I hate my dad's excessive guilt-tripping. It's

*slight TW*

I hate my dad's excessive guilt-tripping. It's driving me crazy. Every time I don't want to help him do something, he always finds some way to guilt trip me and yell at me. He says things like, "Fine, why do I even feed you then? Why do you even eat then?" "You're selfish" "You're useless" "You're stupid" etc I hate living with him. He drives me crazy with all his gaslighting and guilt tripping. Wish I didn't have to be here anymore. As he was yelling at me, I yelled back at him saying, 'I wish I wasn't alive anymore, I wish I didn't have to be here anymore' and he yelled, "So you think I do?? All you think about is yourself!" Like here we go again, always making my struggles and suffering about him. I hate him.

I am sorry to hear that. Parental guilt-tripping is unforgivable and a cheap way to maintain control. If there is no way for a rational discussion, I would advise consider living with a different relative seeing if they have more open-minded arrangements.

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@Mo66box Most of my relatives near me are much older (around my grandparents ages). I have an aunt and an uncle that live near us but I don’t really want to cause them any more inconvenience. I also don’t know if my dad will let me or not, he’s very controlling and overprotective. He wouldn’t even let me sleep over at my friend’s houses when I was younger, so I doubt he’d let me stay with a relative even if he knew them.