Slightly embarrassing topic

Hi everyone,

OK so this is a really embarrassing topic to be talking about, but it's something I have been struggling with lately. Ive been on a meal plan for about three months now and I am still experiencing digestion problems. In particular I am not having regular bowel movements, usually only having one once or twice a week. Along with this Im suffering from quite bad bloating and sometimes gas problems which effects by body image and makes it so hard to stick to the three meals a day plus snacks. Ive tried taking fibre and probiotic supplements but it doesnt really work. The only think that seems to 'get things moving' is a espresso coffee. My meal plan was made up by my personal trainer, not a nutritionist, because I cant afford to see one atm. Im tempted to go to the chemist as get some laxatives to help move things through but I dont want my body to become reliant on them.

Has anyone experienced anything like this during their recovery process, and if so, how did you combat the constipation and bloating?

Hmm... Can't say I have much advice, although I know how much that situation sucks. :-( I think that laxatives *can* be a good thing--in moderation. Can you talk to your doctor or a nurse about it?

By the way, great to hear from you again! If I recall, you haven't posted in awhile; it's always great to see you on here!

Thanks, thats really nice of you :slight_smile: Yep Ive been really busy with uni over the past couple of months which is why I havent been on here in a wee while, but we have finished now and Im working full time until uni starts again next March. Apart from the digestion issues I have been doing quite well, Ive reached my first goal weight and am feeling great for it - so much more energy and people are saying I look alot better which has been really encouraging.

I would not go the laxative route for obvious reasons...
I used to have issues with bowel movements also, lots and lots of fiber! I eat a ton of veggies everyday that this has allowed me to generally go once and sometimes twice a day. The bloating/gas however i have no answer for, I still suffering horrible bloating if I introduce a new food item into my diet. Its horrific and probably the worst part aside from the discomfort. I try to drink lots of water to combat the bloating, dont know how much it works but its my only solution.

A hard part of recovery, to be sure. It took me awhile for that particular issue to stop plaguing me. My diet has changed a bit, too. I'm choosing denser meals these days, so I'm not bulking up on quite so many low cal options. Seems to satisfy me with fewer unpleasant side effects. ;0)



I have found that allowing any laxatives to remain a part of your life, if you have abused them, can be a slippery slope. It may take some time, but your body, with the proper nutrition and fluids, will begin to function normally again. Please take care in relying on the laxatives. Keeping that door open can only lead to problems. Good luck!! Jan ♥

i too would stay away from the laxatives. if anything try natural remedies such as flaxseed, wheatgerm or supposedly very good prune juice. either can be incorporated into meals/with meals.
generally try to have at least 6g of fibre a day and make sure you drink plenty. usually fibre only without the fluid can cause constipation especially if your bowels have been let's say 'lazy' due to the starvation. so keep up with the meal plan, look out for the fibre and your water intake.

as for the gas and bloating, defo sounds like IBS to me which is very common with any ED. can be caused by the current change in your eating so that you will jsut have to get used to things. or there may be a food (group) you're not cpoing with very well. for me IBS (especially the bloating and gas part) gets very bad when i'm mentally stressed/depressed. the only thing that ever helped me with it is a change of job :-) and acidophilus (with 3 million healthy bacteria per´capsule).

hope you'll feel better soon, but keep going with fighting ED :-)


wow can I ever relate I have never been diagnosed with IBS but have suspicions that I may have that. Stress I have noticed alos is a big factor also. yrs ago I had a colonoscopy and nothing was found. I also deal with bloating and gas:o

Not fun to deal with at all and plays havoc on my mindset with body image...BIG time!!

May I suggest watermelon for the beginning of this beautiful season. Digestive problems are the worst, and almost caused a lot of backlash when I first began my recovering. I am not sure how well a personal trainer designing a meal plan would go. They are very smart, and understand nutrition, but probably not eating disorder recovery meal plans. It's really hard because it seems like so much food. I have always loved watermelon though, and its so good for you. Its full of water, which can be good and bad if you eat a lot of it. But it really cleanses and nourishes your body (and digestive system).

I had digestive problems similar to what you're talking about when i started eating normally after starving myself for so long. It went away after i got more used to the amount of food i was eating. I would stay away from the laxatives since you might be tempted to abuse them, but you could try some anti-gas/bloating pills. thats what my therapist reccomended. I didn't actually try them, but they might be helpful. Hope that helps!

yes i can so empathise with this.
really is the absolute bain of my life!
im hopinh doing all the obove may help in the long run,
but be aware for hemaroids (not sure how to spell!) which you can get from long term constipation etc
best wishess