Small Daily Changes Go A Long Way

This is a good article that provides tips on how making small daily changes in your diet go a long way;

"(CBS) Losing weight and eating right are always at the top of almost everyone's list of New Year's resolutions - and most of us don't stick with it.

Part of the reason is that many people go whole hog, so to speak, when dieting, totally changing what and how much they consume.

But that approach rarely works. Slow and steady and - in this case - small changes are what's needed to give you the results you want, according to registered dietician Cynthia Sass, who pans the all-or-nothing approach.

Her advice:

Replace one 24 ounce bottle of soda with water - that saves 20 teaspons of sugar daily

Over 365 days, that amounts to 7,300 teaspoons, the amount in 16 four-pound bags of sugar. Sugar adds empty calories, calories with no nutritional value, and a high intake of added sugar is tied to obesity as well as nearly every chronic disease, from type 2 diabetes to heart disease, high blood pressure, certain cancers and even Alzheimer's...."


Great article PD ♥

Thanks so much Lilac! I totally believe in this on the whole. It's all about implementing and making small changes each day to improve your life, because sometimes big dramatic changes scare us, it's good to take baby steps...and I feel that when I take baby steps, it actually sticks.