so not only do I smoke ciggaretes but I also smoke pot. Now after talking to my doctor about all of the inconsistencies in my medsadn finally he told me to just stop taking my other meds and just smoke pot so i can have less anxiety and more of an appetite. my ADHD is going to go crazy without meds, but with them I don't all... I went two weeks with only a half of a sandwhich.and my bipolar meds don't work either, I am crazy moody all the time. So we decided that it was more important to gain weight and see how I felt mentally after that. so smoke it up and eat is my motto for the next three weeks... let's see how that goes.

I do not agree with your doctor. What kind of doctor told you to just smoke pot? I can't imagine a psychiatrist saying this or even considering this.

If your current meds are not working then your doctor needs to change your dosage and/or find another drug. And, by drug I don't mean POT.

Good luck.