So, a long time ago (about 5th grade) our grade went on a tr

So, a long time ago (about 5th grade) our grade went on a trip to something like six flags or wild adventures. Anyways, the 3 hour drive up there and back was exhausting. On the way back I had to be moved to another seat on the bus for some reason. About 1 hour into the drive on of my classmates , Lauryn, fell asleep on my shoulder. I sort of liked the weight on my shoulders and I didn't mind her sleeping there. She keep waking up and apologizing and i kept telling her that it was ok that she slept on my shoulders.


The year after that I liked this girl ,Grace. I don't know why but I liked her.
Could this mean I'm a lesbian? I don't knkw. Please help.

It sounds like at this time in your life you are questioning and figuring out who you are. This is your life to live, and rushing things, or forcing things to come is rushing something that is important. Take things slow, you deserve to give yourself time to figure out your preferences.

@Aura82 thanks! That really helped