So as a teenager in this day and age, i feel a lot pf pressu

So as a teenager in this day and age, i feel a lot of pressure to be in a relationship. I've never been single for more than a month since i was 11 . And after the last four years, two of which were spent in abusive relationships. And i've been single since April of this year. I guess not having a relationship, i feel more alone than ever. I feel useless without knowing that I mean something to someone.

That is a lot of pressure, but at 15 darling, you don't have to date to find your worth, that applies in your 20's and beyond.  You are worthy because you are you, not because someone finds you attractive or dateable.  Hugs!

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Pressure to be in a relationship might be from external influences, family, friends.... Our worth should never ever be Dependent upon a relationship. We need to find happiness and fulfillment without being dependent on someone else which is also called codependency. Codependency makes us weak and vulnerable to people who may abuse and take advantage of us because we are desperate not to be alone. Independence is strength, healthy and attractive to other mentally healthy people. We need to find activities that enrich us as individuals so that we are content either with others or alone. That is real true freedom. Hotlines on this site hopefully will provide you with positive and encouraging input. Very wise of you to come this site. Part of you already knows that you do not need to be dating in order to feel complete. Finding love is a rich experience but certainly nothing to rush into or feel desperate for. The right person for you is well worth the wait. But for now you need to finds ways to love and appreciate yourself so that you do not require the attention of others in order to feel complete and worthy. Not an easy task but you have have already begun the work by coming here.

@andine so with that I am borderline, and am diagnosed very very young, but this makes codependency to say inevitable. My need to have a favorite person is very strong.