So as I posted earlie I just found out I have Genital herpes

So as I posted earlie I just found out I have Genital herpes, the whole day I was going through emotions but they didn't set, I cause being the shock factor and not really knowing what to think but now it's 2:00 in the mourning and I cant sleep it's all just so crazy that this happened and the person I'm assuming that gave it to me is denying completely in any involvement or responsibility for giving this to me, It's just all hitting me now that I dont sleep with anyone for months even years cause I'm not that kinda of person and when I do I now have something that is going to last my entire life. I really don't know where I stand on this now I know its common and not terminal but still it's a new thing and a very detrimental occurrence for not only my health and self-esteem but also my view on how I will be accepted in future relationship endeavors. Now my track record consists of "Hey, I'm and ex heroin junkie with hep-c and now of recently Herpes" now I know you can argue the fact that "If its meant to be the person will take you for who your are" but I guess blame it on my cynicism when I say Its not always some fairy tale love story where the beauty marries the beast. I'm obviously running a much internally with my thought process on the whole situation, but as I stated this is one of the heaviest things to find out for me.

Sorry to hear that
Its tough what u going thru cant deny
But try not give up... Get busy with what u enjoy to do n take up things that what u intend to do
Overall stay healthy always
Did your research on herpes more at least gave u more better view maybe this website might help u?

I got hsv 1 n 2 oral n genital sucks def
N same as most pple whining abt findinb partner etc m going thru that
But normally i need to suck it up n get myself busy with something else

Chin up x

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