So, as most of you know, I work in a couple of Casinos. I se

So, as most of you know, I work in a couple of Casinos. I see first hand the problems with gambling addiction.
My ma was also a gambler which created MANY problems for the family.
anyway, myself and a guy I work with were standing outside the Casino. We were talking shop, when a big construction worker looking man walks out. He's on his cell phone and nearly yelling for his wife to hear him. "Honey..... I'm NOT at the Casino! No Honest, that was the radio you heard. No Honey, I'm at work, honest. I told you, I don't go to the casino anymore. (Louder now) HONEY.... I'M NOT AT THE CASINO! I know, I know.... we don't have the money. I'm here at WORK! Honest honey, I need to get back to work. I'm working, I really am. Yes, yes.... I love you too honey. Hey I've gotta go, bye." He turned, glanced at us..... and back into the casino he went. He's there every day. Each morning he stops in around 7:30 and blows a hundred bucks or more. Each morning he is already having a drink at 7:30 am. Each morning he is lying to his wife, breaking her heart and spending money they can't afford to lose.
I see this over and over from good hard working individuals that just can't stop. It's funny in a way..... as an outsider listening to his lies of being caught. And sad and heartbreaking to know, the pocket book and marriage can't survive much longer.

man, that is sad. sadder still that he will need to fall further down before he might get help.

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A number of Employees play the slots here and there. They play their 20 to 60 or 80 bucks from tips. I've played 3 times in.... years. Two times I won 800 bucks. I tip big, (Since I work there) and I'm out the door. The 3rd time I won several 350 dollar jackpots....... Tip well and I'm out the door. But I see regulars in the that will win $10,000.00 bucks.... AND I KID YOU NOT. They walk away BROKE! Now some I admit, have money they can throw around?away. Others though.... they win and they just can't leave. They can't leave with money in their pockets. Others..... they say, okay, that's it. I'm going home and keeping it. It's late at night and they are on their way home. Hours later, they are in clean clothes and back to LOSE the money they WON earlier. I'm sure they actually went home and even got into bed. But they can't sleep thinking.... this is their LUCKY night. Maybe they'll win more. But almost always, the end up putting it all back and more. We as employees try to ignore or at least pretend we don't see how much they are putting in or back in.
Each day is different for the freebies we give. Certain days are ladies day/night. Another is Seniors and then Veterans etc. etc. per different days. Some senior women wait till late at night. Collect 10 bucks in free play money we put on their "REGULARS CARD". After midnight, its seniors day. So they get another 10 bucks to play on. Many of these people, men and women are not just addicted to gambling. But also to drugs. So they are there in the hopes of winning just enough to score a larger drug deal. And at 2am when the bar closes, (Not 24 hr. a day like Vegas or Atlantic City). But more leave at 2am because of alcohol addiction. No booze... no play. It's an intense revolving door. Walk in.... Play, drink, smoke... then out and buy drugs.... on and on. You see the sad worn out faces of the same regulars over and over. Hours of playing.... tired, hungry but they can't leave.... not till they are broke. Legs up on the machines.... eye's blinking and staying closed longer and longer. Clothes wrinkled and hairs a mess. They are hours passed their normal bed time. It may be 5:30 am. And they need to be at work at 7 or 8am. One cigarette after another....... another 20, 50 or 100 dollar bill into a machine that's already taken hundreds or thousands of their dollars in past hours.
And you know what we hear over and over? "As soon as I lose this last $50.00 or $20.00 or $80.00 bucks... I'm outa here"! They never say....... "Well, I have 23 bucks left. I'm leaving and getting gas, or food or.... what-ever. It's always, as soon as I lose this.... I'm gone".
It's the one addiction, you can lose everything you own in a matter of minutes. With Drugs or booze, you can only spend so much or drink or take so many drinks or drugs. But gambling...... if you have 20 million. Depending on where your at.... you can blow that whole 20 million.... in two minutes.