So confused

My ex and I broke up about 2 1/2 months ago. I got lied to by one of his friends about 2 weeks after the break up, and that's when things started going downhill. I was completely fine with the breakup until then. This friend of my ex's told me that my ex had asked him to make it look like I was cheating on him so he could break up with me. Found out later that the friend was lying to try to get into my pants. I also had a friend of my own lie to me that my ex said he loved me. Now, I told my ex a few days before we broke up (knowing our relationship was rocky, and fully aware that he wouldn't say it back) that I loved him. Then I found out my ex never said that to my friend. So I've been lied to quite a few times about my ex, and it make our breakup harder, and difficult to try to become friends after. So once I told my ex about what was happening, we decided to be civil and go from there. We have BOTH said we have been doing good since the breakup. Another one of my ex's friends saw me the other day and told me my ex missed me and talks about me every night, then proceeded to say my ex and I were a perfect couple. I want to believe this friend of my ex's because he is a good kid and doesn't seem like one to lie about things like this, but I'm also VERY skeptical about what I should believe. My response to this was "of course he misses me! I'm hot! And he can tell me himself if he misses me then". I do miss my ex, I still love him, and I'd tell him again if I got the chance. I can see my ex missing me by some of his actions when he is with me, but, I don't know! What do you guys think? Should I tell him about this? I'm just sick of always having to bring up these things...I want him to tell me he misses me without his friends having to tell me, or me trying to get it out of him. I've dropped very subtle "hints" on Facebook and he can see them, and he either doesn't get it, or he just chooses not to say anything. How do I let him know he can tell me how he feels? He was my best friend. I lost my best friend in a matter of .5 seconds basically....and I want my best friend back. Help me please, I'm really struggling with this, and no one I'm friends with seems to want to help me think it through.

Just b straight up...speak up and tell him how you feel.