So hard to keep going when you can't even get people on a su

So hard to keep going when you can't even get people on a support group page to talk to you. There really is no purpose for me aside from producing the perfect and most beautiful baby girl ever. I feel so useless and alone. I love her so much and want so badly to be the mom she deserves but I feel I will never measure up to the plate with all of this built up pain and resentment in my heart towards people I have to see everyday.

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hi, I see your post... you're not alone here on SG....sometimes there could be a delay with a reply since it isn't live chat....but people do care about you! I've had depression a long time ago and I know it really skews how good life is/can be. Are you getting help for the depression you're feeling?

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@TennisPlayer no I’m not. I just can’t be drugged out or stuck in some pysch ward when I have a baby girl to take care of. But I’m going insane with sorrow and pain and resentment and anger. I’m a mess :frowning: how should I find happiness naturally? I just can’t seem to no matter what I do and I have reasons to be happy. Its just everything that has happened to me my life literally stayed with me all of these years

@adaisysneverglum You seem so sad, and frustrated... What is wrong? You have a beautiful baby girl, who is healthy, and perfect... You should be happy, but you're not. Where is the baby's father? Who are these people, you've to see everyday, and you have built up pain, and resentment for ? Is that why, you're so unhappy, and stress? Remember you're not alone, SG friends are here, to support, and be supported. Be strong the best is yet, to follow..... Hugs.

@Irma thank you for being here. So much has happened its been just years of being screwed over by family, friends, lovers, everyone. Recently my baby daddy cheated on me with a girl I have literally known since I was two months old and destroyed a twenty year friendship and a three year relationship and he has been trying his damned best to treat me like a queen now and he was never a bad father but I have resentment towards him over all the hateful things he told me during my pregnancy with her then what he did with my friend… All of it is eating away at me and he isn’t the first man not even close to the first who had used me. My own father was only in my life for two years all of my friends bailed on me. I’m alone.

If u need someone to talk i am here !

@Baiao thank you, same to you but you have to support me so we can message

@Error101 I’m so sorry you feel that way, you don’t deserve to feel like that at all. Can you message me yet? I tried supporting you off of my crap phone so I don’t know if it worked.

Girl, your not alone. I feel that way everyday. I just get up and look in the mirror and say your strong the got to do this for your children. It will get better. Hunny I don't know when cause I ask myself every day and it hasn't yet but I know one day, one day!

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I'm sorry you feel like this - you have to get to the root of why you feel this way- have you ever thought too seek therapy? Congrats on your baby girl I have a baby girl too...well she is still my bg even though she is 24- my children gave me strength- when I had my daughter I was 17 ..a lone ..scared had no family that would help- I looked at my daughter ..there were times I wanted to give up..the struggle was real..I'm glad I didn't- my daughter is now 2yrs away from finishing college- she is going to be a social worker. I wonder sometimes how I got through it- I had barely any food ..I had no car etc. I know how I did love for her...I'm now 40yrs old...I'm so thankful for her and my sons..hope this helps..:)

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Sorry dancingflower, but you only have one post from December 9th, which got two lengthy replies the same day which you didn't respond to. I'm not downplaying your situation, but you're carrying unnecessary negativity around with you. Good day to you, nonetheless :)
- T

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Don't feel misrable girl, take care of your baby, I Used to be told that I am not good enough abd worry about my man being pleased, if anyone could give me back that time..

how old is your baby girl? I unfortunately do not have kids, I have a dog she is my heart, my strength, and my child. I love her with all my heart like you love your baby girl. Finding the root of your depression is a good place to start, a hard place but a good place. Also find an a hobby or activity that makes you feel better inside and out is a good started point as well. Easier said than do, yes. when you find it, it will help you move forward to a better life. I love to exercise I do not do it enough I can tell you that. When I do get back into my mind clears and I begin to feel better on the inside. Since Thanksgiving I have been very depressed, have not made it to the gym, all I have done is cry. Not good on my part in order for me to pull myself out I have to fight and I have not been doing so. I have been having the same feelings you have, it hurts. I know in my heart that I am worth fighting for and fight I will do. Fight you will do for that baby girl and for you!! Dig deep find your strength and fight!!

And while you taking care of your child, dont forget You also. You are loved more than you know. The lonely moment will pass and that space will be filled with happiness. Take it one day and enjoy it everyday.

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