So, I am 8 months pregnant and completely resent my unborn d

So, I am 8 months pregnant and completely resent my unborn daughter. Her dad left me not too long after finding out I was pregnant but he is involved with the appointments and anything else he can be. But, I still love him more than anything. Anytime I think of my daughter I think of her dad and his girlfriend and it makes me hate her. Its getting to the point that I want to kill myself and I don't know what to do anymore.. Someone please help!!

I’m four months pregnant, when I found out I was pregnant I thought it was going to be an exciting journey. I went through a miscarriage before this pregnancy, I kept putting myself down for being pregnant again because after it opened my eyes about my relationship. I am no longer with the father of the baby, I want to believe he was a narcissist. It feels like I’ve been in depression since I’ve been pregnant and now I’m finally trying to heal and letting go of all the pain. Learn how to forgive yourself. Learn to let go. Try to talk with someone or do some therapy. I know at the end a baby is a blessing, you may not see it now but I’m sure that baby will bring you so much happiness.

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@A.sanchez28 I have had the worst, most depressed pregnancy. It has me worried that I’ll get Post Part Depression and want nothing to do with my daughter when she’s born.