So I am taking 300mg of Phenytoin Sodium a day and I haven't

So I am taking 300mg of Phenytoin Sodium a day and I haven't had any alcohol since I started. I am 23 years old and would just like to enjoy a drink now and then. I am fully aware that the warning is to not take alcohol, so I don't need to be reaffirmed of this. I am simply asking if anyone else does drink and what your reaction was?

do it at home and have someone there in case something happens to call 911

Good advice, always drink with a friend and somewhere you feel safe. If you choose to drink, then find out what your levels are (how much is to much) and which drinks dont seem to effect you as much. With me, I can not touch spirits but am ok with beer. But NO more than ? :-) Safe drinking

depending on how severe your seizures are it may not affect you. my grand mals started at 21. i was drinking long before then. the doctors told me to stop drinking. i didn't because i felt something was being taken from me but now i'm 37 and if i drink i will have a seizure within 2 days. it is something you need to decide for yourself. just be very careful and have someone who knows what you have with you.

Oh Yes - each of us has to find out how to live with this condition and try and live a normal life as much as possible at the same time, My Grand Mals started at 4 and been living that normal life for 40years now. enjoying Going out with a few friends for a drink and not holding a 7up. The questions that used to come at me. :-)