So...I apologize if this is too socially weird and awkward,

So...I apologize if this is too socially weird and awkward, but would anyone like to be my friend? I don't know, it would just be nice to have someone or others to talk to every day, and since I have none where I am at...It would mean a lot to me. Really.

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maybe socially awkward to some, but many of us here are socially awkward to begin with. I certainly am. you may find that friendships will indeed develop as you continue to talk on the boards here. I don't have any friends in realtime life, but I have a few I have made here. you can PM me anytime you like. I understand wanting to have people to communicate with. hopefully you will find a few here where that develops :-)

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@norseduncan you are awesome! :slight_smile: thank you

You can PM me, too. Just give me time to answer you back. I work a lot. The friends that I do have don't understand me or have a family to be worried about.

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@Tiredpurple aw I see and thank you

Im socially awkward to hun, dont worry about it. Just be yourself and people will except you for who you are and if they dont then those are the people you dont want to be friends with anyways... Ill be your friend. I think we need to support each other though so we can message.

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@kbeatrice aw thank you <3

Hiya, I think it's a great request. My first time responding to one of your posts, so I'd like to say "Hi, nice to meet you!" I see you have kitties (I love animals too :) and have a kitty too).

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@Eyni aww yay! That’s awesome!!! (=^.^=)

You can message me anytime:)

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Yes of course you can message me anytime!! I'm socially awkward to its nothing to be ashamed of rather it should be a part of yourself that you should embrace and love because its part of you and learning to love ourselves is an amazing thing that should be embraced by everyone!

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You have to support me...but they are Dippy, Shadow, Domino and Buzz LOL

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@kbeatrice Really? I have been supporting you for sometime now. LOL this page has a hard time keeping up I guess…Cause I look and it says I am. Aw that’s so cute!

@tashykitty Hi. I love making new friends. You definitely have friends here.

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@Jdavis5933 aw I do too:)

You can message me anytime.

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@CallieJ07 aw thank you:)

I have social anxiety as well and I am socially awkward. I have no friends either I would like to be your friend. You have a friend here. Hope to talk to u more in the future.

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@ems85 aw of course <3