So I Had Dinner Kinda With The guy i met at school today We

so I Had Dinner Kinda With The guy i met at school today We have been talking for a week and 2 days we didnt kiss even thoe i wanted to we spoke about so much he is such a smart man and so funny and sweet i feel so good when we speak i havent felt thus way in so long i want to tell him about my genital HSV which i havent had and outbreak for 2 months i'm so happy about when i'm around him i forget about how me having hsv then when he is gone i remember then i think to myself hiw would i tell him ? Smh, i dint want to kiss him until i do because i feel like if i jiss him even thoe i dont have hsv 1 i feel it wont be right of me to whay should id ontbim so scared he says he likes me and i feel he does to but idk man im scared to death i dont want it to be awkward when i see him in school and i mean it hasnt been that long that we've been talking we'er also going on break from school so i wont be seeing him for 2 weeks because we dont live in the same area

I think you have to go with what feel comfortable with you. On one hand waiting too long will only make you anxious for when you do tell him, on the other, telling him too soon before you feel comfortable might put a damper on things. What does the group think? what are your thoughts?

Personally I would wait a little bit longer because you have not even kiss each other yet and you do not want to disclose something that is very personal to someone that you have only just met. I know some people take time to get to know someone but tell me I would not be waiting months if you are not having sex before you tell someone because that to me is a waste of time.