SO I have learned I am not a Narc I am a Sociopath. ummm I d

SO I have learned I am not a Narc I am a Sociopath. ummm I don't really know how to take this um Is this a support people who are narcissists? or just for people complaining about narcissists

Both, please remember we are not here to judge or condemn but to support. I think it's safe to just to post in here, since there is no sociopath support group. And remember the moderators are here to protect you. So feel free to post about your issues. The last thing what we want is that people are too afraid to post. Because a problem that is not discussed cannot be solved, we don't want people to keep walking around with their problems, because that would disable our mission which is to support them.

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Wow. That's interesting. I've never actually heard someone make that statement.

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I was wondering about that too. I'm also wondering about myself, as I display some narcissistic behaviour

I'm sorry but thehiddenfriend just asked if the group was for narcissists or "complainers" about them? Gee, who will benefit more from a support group like this? The incurable abuser or the actual victim? Who wants to be in a support group with people devoid of compassion?