So I know I shouldn't miss him but I miss him. He's an butth

So I know I shouldn't miss him but I miss him. He's an butthole and I know that. But when we were together he actually made me feel special, and I looked forward to always being with him and just talking to him. I also knew it was my fault bc I knew what I was getting myself into but, I really want to talk to him. But, he's back with his ex now after he took my virginity and gave me an sti!! Like I know that's not something you miss but I miss him because I actually liked him... idk how to move on. I'm talking to the guy I use to talk too on and off for 5 yrs but it's not the same. He doesn't make me smile like the other guy did, he doesn't really even care to know me after all this time and all he cares about it sex which I haven't given it to him and it's been 5 yrs lol!! But ugh idk how to get over this guy I really like. It's bad for me to keep being on stuck on him and I hate feeling sad when I know he's all happy with his ex.

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You need to remember this. He doesnt want you. Sad but true. This is what i do when i feel sad im not with a guy. You need to focus on finding someone who wants you not someone who does not. Learn your lesson from.this and pls let him.go.

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@lisajd very very true. Thank you

He is a user.

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Time to move on and find someone who wants to be with you

@lisajd I just don’t trust any guy that will be willing to actually stay with me. I always have bad luck. And I don’t think a lot of ppl will be ok dating me knowing I have HSV2. I feel like testing myself again because I haven’t gotten a break out since the first time (thank god) and it kind of makes me forget I have it bc I don’t feel like I have it. and I’m scared to have sex because I know it can cause an out break. I’m also scared of dating someone and having them kiss me it might also be on my mouth. I honestly feel like I can’t let any other guy touch me w/o them knowing what I have.

You know I could say I have bad luck with men but it's more about the fact that I make bad choices and that's possibly what you were doing as well and so having herpes will help you make better decisions. Secondly why do you think that no one will accept you because you have herpes I don't see anywhere in the literature that says you can't have a relationship because you have herpes. Sure they may be people out there who won't accept you but until you get out there and try how can you say that no one will except you. I have said this a number of times that the next guy you meet might have had sb1 themselves or they may have dated someone who has herpes or might just not really care.. but the reality is but the reality is you need to move I'm from the other guy and start accepting herpes and believing rather than having negative thoughts

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@lisajd it was my first time making a decision like that and this is what happend, throughout all hs I was good, never did anything and the first time I want to experience something I had to get hsv 2. It makes me feel shitty honestly

No man should ever make you question his loyalty to you, we make bad choIced an believe they mean what they say. Actions speak louder than words. If your hurting now, with him gone you'll soon recover from it but if you keep taking him back hoping he's going to be the man in your life you need then your going to be disappointed. Fact is, show him that you don't care an your moving on and grow strong. If he wants you in his life make him fight for it with you. If he's not willing to fight to be with you he's not worth it. And the bonus to it all is you don't feel like you've lost out you will feel that it's his loss. Keep going!!

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@Carrielko the guy is with his ex

Sure, this guy may have made you happy but when it comes down to it, you're not his first choice. Which I know is extremely painful and it sucks and it's not fair but you deserve to be someone's first choice or their only choice!!! Someone will come along who will make you happy and who will want to be with you, give it some time

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@Genericusername0093 I just feel like I have to either be talking to someone or be with someone to forget him, I use to be fine on my own, I never minded being by own and now it’s like I can’t bc then I start thinking about him and everything we did and everywhere we went and it just bc everything literally reminds me of him

@Applesynana Take it from someone who was once wishing for her ex to return, it's not worth the heartache. Grieve his exit from ur life because he meant alot 2 u but dnt let it consume ur life. Lettin go is hard but it allows the heart 2 heal

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@sinkingship but did your ex leave you having a infection? hsv2? Or hsv 1? I feel like that’s why I can’t move on besides the fact that I really really truly liked the guy