So I live at home with my folks (I'm an adult). And lately I

So I live at home with my folks (I'm an adult). And lately I've been experiencing heavy symptoms of BPD- the emptiness and especially the zoning out. While I usually have good coping skills for sadness and depression, these symptoms I'm still learning more about and learning how to cope/combat. I mention the parents, additionally, because my mom has reached out to me and while that might seem like a positive thing (and maybe it actually is), she's a large trigger for me and I don't have a history with her in which discussion about my negative/empty feelings ends up with me feeling better. Sometimes talking about these feelings (at least with her) doesn't go anywhere. My urges are to yell and lash out (urges I haven't felt in a long time) and I know those don't solve anything. The only way out is through and wow is that a challenge.
And the zoning out! Oi!

Hi! I'm sorry you're having a difficult time. Without knowing anymore than what you said here, I understand how a parent can be an emotional trigger. Even if they mean well, they can trigger certain negative feelings and emotions, which makes it difficult to discuss these things with them. Also, a parent feels a certain amount of guilt when their child has any emotional problems. I know that from personal experience both with my mother and with my son (who was also diagnosed BPD, OCD, depression and other problems). Joining the SG site is a very good idea, as others have agreed with. I suggest letting the feelings and thoughts out here, where you'll receive objective comments and suggestions; and also caring and empathetic support from people who can relate to you. Good luck......

@pickone Thanks for the support and for the insight about a parent’s perspective. It reminded me that really, my mom’s comments are coming from a place of love and concern. It’s helpful to keep that in mind. Thanks!