So I’m coming here right now because I’m having my momen

So I’m coming here right now because I’m having my moment. I’m practicing eating these Laura bars without binging on them. To only eat a half of one or a whole one but no more. I ate one and a half because one was open and I grabbed another.
Now .. I felt like getting one more and I said no! Hold on! Wait a minute. You are not binging anymore.
Sometimes… losing weight can be as easy as stopping the binging episodes.
I am feeling better already by changing my focus.
I can’t be thinking about food all the time and i also have other pleasures I like to focus on and haven’t been doing.
One is listening to rock n roll music.
I always loved it and it makes me feel so good. Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, So many others.
It is like Valium to me! It calms my Soul!
I listen to it while I cook and prep my meals. It helps me focus on my cleaning.
Some people like meditation music to calm but I find rock music does it too.
I will never give up on myself and I think we all need to have that attitude. What is the point of living if we can’t be happy. So I am going to fight for mine. Today was a win there.

Sounds fantastic, Lolly. Like your attitude and perspective. Also your self talk which is something I do and think is helpful
I’ve never heard of rock music as Valium for your soul but whatever works, right!
Glad things are going well!

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@NCMom thank you… :slight_smile:
Yes… indeed.

You are SO right about using music as a great release for your soul and to take your mind off food!
I didn't think anyone else felt like this -thought I was alone.
i love a lot of different types of music but my older (fav) brother introduced me back in the day to everything from Zeplin to Santana...old Beatles, Rockabilly, Folk, C&W, '80's hits and so much
R & B...but it's
FUNK that lifts me...helps me just dance and dance...and I finally start smiling again.
We can become so repressed...
I absolutely don't want to keep using food as coping.

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@Littlesis7 yes. I smiled reading this because I can almost picture you smiling after listening to music … just like me! Some people are more connected to music than others. I listened to it as a kid while growing and avoiding the dysfunctional abusive family home.
It was one of my big go tos!
So was Sex. I don’t have a partner for that so I don’t do it.
But… maybe I need to get creative to have another outlet.
Basically… we need pleasure in other forms … it can’t just be food.
I have a friend that works all the time. Doesn’t find any pleasure in life until she sits down to watch tv and eat at the end of the day.
We can miss this. Thanks for sharing.

I think that thought of just 'replacing my outlet of food' to something else comes into my brain 10x day.
Totally there as a kid. Mesmerized from the sound knocking me out lol.
Sheepishly trailing after an older sib...
Wonderment and sheer joy!
I know there is something brewing in my creative field that I've put on hold for like a thousand yrs. it's not dead yet but threatening to disappear soon...
That is the scariest thought.
I completely get your friend w the end of day, tv, and food thing.
As i'm crawling out of 12 plus months of covid isolation, etc...I wondered if I could remember how to take that strength of getting thru sh*t and OWN IT...use it?!
Hope the sunshine gave back to you

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@Littlesis7 I understand the time in isolation was almost too much and then we have to get back to basics.
Go outside for a walk. Call someone… say hi to someone at the store or the park.
Yes… the sun gives us a big hug when we get in it.