So I need advice, i am so broken that I can't concentrate on

So I need advice, i am so broken that I can't concentrate on anything and I can't sleep. So we have a group pf travelling friend and we met for the first time last Aug 2020. We been going to places, started off with big group but it broke as 2 people were trying to be alpha. I dont get in to these stuff and mind my business. So basically I traveled with one of the alpha and the traveling dates falls on her birthday which actually she choose. I made a plan with other traveler and treat her on her birthday with food and dessert. On our way back to NY I also gave her gift card. Now fast forward here comes our another plan and coincidentally it falled on my birthday, i didn't say anything or made a big deal out of it but they didn't do **** for my birthday though they knew and they did say they will cut the cake and do something special but the whole day p***ed and nothing. On pur way back the alpha told me she will take me to concert and bought a ticket and later asked if I want to take my husband instead of her, she knows my husband is disabled and can't go to places. Now the 3rd girl who was with us both times her birthday is approaching and the alpha bought her fancy *** gift and I paid half for it. I am just amazed how and why people behave this way. I am soo shocked I dont know what to say, should I bring it up to them or just be a bigger person and let it go but now keep my distance?

I would cut them out of my life because it sounds like they don't want to hang with you at all. Friends don't treat friends that way. If they're not doing anything for you in return, you need to cut ties with them. It's not worth being treated like an object by someone who doesn't appreciate you.

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@ShawnayWarren I dont wanna rush in to any hasty decisions. I have had great times with them but it all makes me realize people dont regard me even 5% of how I regard them. Unfortunate but true

I have to agree with Shawnay. Why waste your time with takers? There are nice, giving,supportive people out there. Sometimes we grow up in abusive situations and we think it is normal. Change your life, change your friends. You’re not a door mat, don’t let people use you. Get therapy if you can. It helps us discover toxic habits. We all need to learn that abuse is not love.

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I actually did. Though the weight is off my chest but I still feel like I will not see them too much like I used to

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@Srs327 That’s okay. Take it one day at a time.