So I needed to go today to get some shopping done. My sister

So I needed to go today to get some shopping done. My sister went with me bc my anxietys been so bad I don't feel like I can do anything alone. We pull up at the store and I can't go in. My anxiety is so bad I just cant. So now I'm sitting in the car finally stopped crying and feel so bad about myself

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I hope you are feeling better as I see you posted a few days ago. I know it is easier said than done, but it is not YOUR fault. Having mental illness is so difficult because we understand that our feelings are not logical but it doesn't make them so away or even make us be able to act differently. That to me is the hardest part. I understand your feeling bad about yourself but try to give yourself the same compassion that you would to someone else. Sending you support!

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@mybeach thank you for your support.

I can relate to your situation. I have had the exact experience. Research Exposure and Response Prevention. Tackle the small fears first. Like going to a small sweet shop. Try to practice mindfulness. Hope you get better.

@BruceHP thanks it helps to know I’m not alone. Is that how you got over it?

I am so sorry to read about your struggle. Just know there is hope. A close friend of mine who is agoraphobic had similar reactions only a few years ago. He is on medication, but now he is able to do the grocery shopping, attend shows, hold a job, and do other things that used to trigger him.

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Yeah, when i followed those techniques only.