So I read around and I see people “have normal lives” an

So I read around and I see people “have normal lives” and still deliver a healthy baby without getting your partner infected too but if you are supposed to use condoms all the time how am I supposed to get pregnant if I have to use condoms to not transmit?

This is just my take on it. From my life experience. If you are with a partner who is aware of your diagnosis and knows of the possibility of contracting it, and you both are actively trying to have a baby, well I don’t see a need for a condom then. My husband was aware of the risk, and was prepared for whatever happens. My doctor informed me that as long as I didn’t have any active lesions, a vaginally delivery would be safe. And it was. Some people can be asymptomatic spreaders or having shedding of the virus and pass it on to their partner. Luckily for me, I know when one is coming on and I stop all sexual activity for at least a week after the blisters have healed. I’m careful, I know my body. Even though my husband doesn’t care, I do. And that practice ,for us, has worked for 22 years of unprotected sex. Not saying he won’t get it, but he knows it could happen. I hope this helps!

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Thank you!!

@Usernotfound00 Welcome to the group. I just wanted to add that it is yes possible to get pregnant and have a baby without transmitting HSV. It is also possible to get pregnant and transfer HSV in one sexual encounter. There are a lot of risk factors and ways to reduce the risk. There are no guarantees but there are a lot of ways to improve the odds. Some are easy and some more difficult but learning about the risk factors and having a good conversation with your partner about those risks is probably a good place to start if you are wanting to have a baby as some here have. I hope that helps.