So I think my dad sexually abused me as a young child ;-; an

So I think my dad sexually abused me as a young child ;-; and idk what's up with my brother. Or was. I mean it hasn't happened recently but there's been many "accidental" boob touches, he keeps looking down there at me, he has touched my privates below and claimed it was "just trying to tickle you" like no..... egh

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Are you ok?

@eklinke1983 yeah, just… I feel like I can’t trust anyone.

Have you spoken to a Dr?

@eklinke1983 no I haven’t spoken to anyone really.

I went to a therapist after my parents found out what my brother did to me and they had to report it to DHHS, and I didn't provide any evidence or anything, aside from my memories. You ought to tell someone, just to be safe. You don't want to live with that doubt, I promise you, I know

@greySoul and by ‘they’ I meant the therapist

When abuse happens in family and is not dealt with, it has a ripple effect. That's not to downplay what your brother has done, but from what you say there is probably ALOT of things that need(ed) to be talked about in your family, either with authorities, therapists, or without. Memories are proof, if not to everyone else- to you.

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I guess it's best if I do speak to someone then, yes? Thanks for everyone giving advice. I'm just scared to talk to anyone, what they will think, if they believe me, and then who do I even talk to?and I don't want to give anyone extra stress, especially my mom. We still don't know if she is pregnant, and if she is I don't want to give her stress... Who should I talk to then? I don't have a therapist and I don't think we can afford one, so that option is kind of out.

If you think it's a dangerous enough situation, and that your father could do something bad to you or another, be it family or not- maybe the cops are the ones to talk to. They can give you resources to places who will help too. I know it may not be what you want to do, but if you think it will do good you should. If you don't that's o.k. too, but find some sort of help- this thing has a way of making life harder and holding you back.

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Sometimes I do fear he will do something to another young kid, but I'm hoping he's passed that. Unless I just can't remember, it's been a long time since he's done that to me, the last time I was probably no older than 7 or 8. But maybe he only stopped because I was getting older and would soon start learning it's wrong? I'm just scared to talk to anyone, police also, because then obviously my dad will find out I essentially am calling him a criminal.. and I'm scared he will hurt me again.. bUT maybe it's for the better.

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If the fear is enough and the idea that it could happen again to someone else, maybe its worth considering.

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