So I thought I had it all figured stuff was

so I thought I had it all figured stuff was packed.she still denies it's the thing.from what I have seen I see all these sites telling the wife not to admit to it.I know she still cares but I had it in my mind that she was not admitting to it to keep that door I just don't know.I need some advise.if she truly cares and I leave now I ruin her holidays that we would of spent with her family.I'm trying to leave me out of this and look at it from her point...I can't.this dam video that she knew was there yet she still invited friend over at a whisper thinking I wouldn't I forget what I have heard and seen and go by what is now.I don't know if I can do that

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Are the sites you've seen based on searches your wife/so has done? If so, she would have no reason to search for that kind of advice if she didn't do anything. BTW - Whoever wrote those articles or is giving that advice should burn in hell.

I think you need to realize that if your wife did this, it is not you that is ruining her holidays. Quite the opposite - she's ruined yours. Go with your gut. I'd say if she's lying and covering things up, you should leave. Honesty and open communication is the only way a loving relationship can work.

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thank you

What kind of advice is deny and hide things in order to build trust? That is beyond absurd. 100% open, honest, communication, trust and intimacy are key to rebuilding. Flip your script, she is ruining your holidays and life by cheating. Do not take the blame for this.

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She sounds like she is still sneaking around. Read affair care 180.

where do I find affair care 180

@dumbAndBlind Google search, my friend. It’s a list of responses to the situation that are both measured and stable. Be kid to yourself. I agree with Piwo33, I’ve not seen any advice telling the wife to keep this a secret. I’ve seen it for men but, if you read the whole article even for them, it doesn’t seem like good advice. If she’s keeping it from you its because she’s considering divorce and doesn’t want to pay for her mistakes? I’m sorry you’re going through this.

Came to that cold fact long ago.

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