So i was complaining yesterday about how i hate my family. I

So i was complaining yesterday about how i hate my family. I felt so guilty and depressed afterwards that i couldnt sleep and had just horrible nightmares all night long. I woke up today very depressed and just wanting to cry all day long. A few mins ago something again happened that made think again of how much i hate living with my family!! Its night again and i cant sleep. All i wanna do is cry and im afraid i might cut again. Ive been clean for 3 weeks. Any help?

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You shouldn't feel guilty we all have those times when we hate our family. They can get under our skin. The only help I can give is reaching out as a distraction. We can talk of you want

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Be strong pink. You've made it through before and you'll do it again. What were you studying at uni?

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I've been there, and all I can say is that life with family is a series of ups and downs. But in the end, it's still family. Please don't be depressed or guilty anymore. Have a nice talk with your family, hug them, say you love them. I know I would. If you need personal advice, you can message me or anyone here. I wish you the best

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It's truly impossible for one human to completely understand another. But the care between us human is the thing that helped us survive until this day. It's only normal if you feel that way about your family. And sometimes, no probably most of the time, they make you feel like no one really gets you, but know that they're trying their best to do just that. I hope things work out. And if you have anything you feel uncomfortable to say here, you can send me private message. I wish you the best