So... I was just punished financially again for attending an

So... I was just punished financially again for attending an archery event in Austin to teach. It's so hard to hold my thoughts in...I discovered new focs of him cheating on me years aho, well before the separation, on 2 of those costly idiotic trips to Russia, ecen a western union receipt yo one of them months later!!! I'm so tired of defending myself for existing. He just wrote, he's not willing to be walked on anymore, meeee? I also found out what nearly $1000 of those wierd charges on his business card were in 2009...yep, Russian access fees... please, dear God, the mediation date can't come soon enough!!!

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I'm not drawing the same correlation between archery in Austin and Russian porn from 2009?
Can you better explain it?

@BrianDPit i teach medieval archery (longbows) andvwork part time at rennfaires. I go to teach, he accuses me of having wild times with several men during each gig. Hes the one who screwed around on me while on those stupid trips to russia on our dime, there was no work there… he then western unioned one of the Ukrainian women our money. … he paid $1000s for video chat for porn on the business card… its outrageous , all the while ignoring the family, ignoring me, never coming down for dinner andhe is berating me for going on archery gigs to teach!!!

Hang in there Hun and stand you're ground. Try not to discuss the details of settlement with him as he will stop at no costs to try and get his own way. Save for mediation and stand your ground xx

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@19yearsnowfree he doesn’t know i can see the business bank card, i just discovered more hotel stays and nice dinners out, and he upgraded his service, omg! ! Misuse of marital assets, whatta prize

You are a strong woman. And yes, there are moments of despair when the narcs in our lives relish while we are in a state of confusion.
Sometimes it's got to be one hour at a time.
Keep strong, Newlease. I'm cheering for you.

@Phoenix15 thanksomuch, I was a little nuts over the weekend over this and knowing my atty was going to contact his today to talk sone sense into him.he still intimidates me in my mind. I have no safety net, so I’m praying the mediator, judge sees through him. I’m collecting affidavits like greeting cards, I feel like we are sharpening swords and donning armour, preparing for battle… my self esteem really plummeted after uncovering all that on Friday. The decision to get marriage anulled was just solidified