So I was pretty lucky to just have gotten engaged! It's real

So I was pretty lucky to just have gotten engaged! It's really exciting honestly but I constantly doubt my feelings, keep having the doubts over and over, and looking for signs. Overanalyzing and feeling anxiety about ads I see and I'm like "okay if I see this and I feel anxious that must mean it has meaning right?". It's an endless cycle! I keep going back to my past and analyzing my feelings too like ugh. I just want to enjoy my engagement!

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OMGGGGGG HEXXY! I am so so so so thrilled for you gurllll :") congratulations. As for the HOCD, it's the doubting disease. So chuck it for now and have a great time. :')

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Congrats on the engagement! Have you spoke about your HOCD with your partner? Perhaps if they understand that might make you feel better and stop the worrying ? I’m not sure I’m no expert cos I’m dealing with this 24/7 and sometimes I have good days and others (bit like today) which are bad

I've worried about my boyfriend asking me to marry him... Would I be able to say yes, would I be able to stick with the engagement and not freak out, and would I discover I'm gay along the way?! Being proposed to is stressful for those with anxiety issues! So many women experience rocd and hocd once their boyfriend proposes. That isn't to bring you down, but to reassure you that you aren't alone in experiencing these thoughts and worries.
I love this website! You can find more about relationship anxiety and hocd on there as well that pertain to getting engaged.

@Bria869 There wasn’t any hesitation, I said yes! But its like you said, almost immediately after my anxiety spikes were coming back hardcore. I’ll check it out, ty!!

Hi there, Congratulations! =) Yea, anxiety can get the best of us even when times are good. When I get that way whether there's a reason or not, I do these things and it helps every time! Get outside, touch the earth for a while, meditate on good, pray and I take magnesium and ginseng. They help calm the mind body and spirit, and get rid of sticky negative thoughts. Blessings on your new chapter! =)