So im 15 years old and in the month of september i have an a

So im 15 years old and in the month of september i have an appointment to see if i should go to a specialist. In December of 2020 i found a lump in my breast. Now being a minor and not old enough to drive, i had to go to my mother about this and tell her and try to get her to take me to an appointment. She waiting until April to make the appointment and then it wasn't until May. During my May appointment, my gyno felt my breast and too felt the lump. Since breast cancer runs on my dads side, (my great grandmother and great great grandmother had breast cancer) (my father had testicular cancer) she wanted me to monitor any migraines or things like that. I just need to know that im not alone.

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I am not currently dealing with your specific medical issue but I understand the experience and anxiety that we feel with testing and waiting for results. Best wishes for your health.

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Dear PixieMarie,

You are not alone. I have breast cancer, so I understand the anxiety of waiting for tests and Dr. appointments. I am praying for you. Father God, please give PixieMarie your peace and comfort. Be with her in this trying time and let her know that You care and that You love her. I pray that she will know Your comfort as she walks this pathway and that you will bring her through this in the joy of Your love. Amen.

I want you to know. I was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer four years ago. I have done alternative treatment and am experiencing a decline in the cancer count. Treatment for this has come a long way. I pray that you will have a good and understanding doctor that will treat you with compassion. You are not alone. I will continue to pray. You may keep me posted. God bless you. .

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Did you ever find out anything?

@Jordan5683 so as a minor i have to have someone drive me to my docs since im not old enough to. my mother ended up canceling the doc