So I'm almost 11 months from dday. My wife still works with

So I'm almost 11 months from dday. My wife still works with him but he keeps his distance. My wife is finally leaving her job of 8 years. He hasn't left as he lead us to believe. So now we're taking control of the situation. I called him about a month ago and calmly and menacingly told him that the fantasy had ended and that he was not to ever contact her. He told me he's tried to find another job, but his words were meaningless to me. So fast forward to this past Saturday night, I start to look at my wife's work phone and I see a message from him....."You guys still sick?" I showed it to her and she said that he overheard her and the other office girls discussing how my wife and two boys were all sick. The next day she confronted him and asked him...."why the hell do you contact me? My husband saw it and he wanted to call you but I calmed him down. I didn't want to create a bigger problem and get your wife involved. She then tells him that her happiness is with me and her children and that he's getting in the way of that whenever he tries contact. She told him to stay away or else he'd have a big problem with me. Eventhough she knows leaving her job is what's best, it still makes her sad to leave a great place. She knows staying is toxic and out of the question. She even told him that everything they say about him is true....that he's disrespectful and doesn't keep his word. I'm proud of how she handled herself.

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I have no respect for a man that would be unfaithful to his own wife and be willing to risk losing his own children just to screw another man's wife. Even less respect for the man that could look me in the eye, call me a friend and ask me for help finding him a job all while screwing my wife. I really do hope his holiday season is miserable - he's earned it!

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Oh my Lord! She is really reacting admirably!! This is the litmus test! Sorry she has to leave her job but something is better out there for her. No doubt! All the best!

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