So i'm new to thisjust decided to get sober today

Hey everyone. I'm new to this support group thing, but i really need some help. I,ve been struggling with whiskey for about 5 years now and I finally really want to quit. I have lost jobs, hurt myself and almost destroyed my relationship with my wonderfull boyfriend. I am lucky to still have him around, but he really doesnt't understand my problem and he is about fed up. I dont really have many people to talk to about this because all of my friends are always at the bar and I can't go there anymore. Its a really strange problem for me because i feel like i should be able to control it, but so far i haven't been able to. Well thanks for listening. I guess I'll talk to ya'll soon.

My boyfriend has an alcohol stems from abuse as a child..good for you for deciding you need help. you are the only one who can make that decision. i wish you and your boyfriend the best.

Good for you. Avoid places that trigger you. I see a therapist and find that as a great outlet for talking to someone. I wish the best for you.


Firstly! sorry about the blank posts,think this iPad is playing up, not mine!..I'm also great lover of my wine, resisted it now for 44days!'s tough!..but the problems we create for ourselves and those we love is awful! Have you tried going to support groups? I have tried AA in the past! It's good to chat with people who are in the same position! I'm not going at the moment because I'm moving around a bit! But did find it helpful when I went and sat in meetings! Some I liked and some were not for me!'s worth trying whatever it takes!..good luck!..god bless!

I read your post and would give almost anything for it to have been written by my husband. Congrats to you on your decision, I hope you can stick to it!

I've been sober alittle more than a week, and it's a struggle. My husband is fed up. I stopped drinking for 5 years, but still did drugs. Then I separated from my husband, and started drinking. We are now back together after a year, and drug free. My drinking out of control, and it's hard. One day at a time. So you aren't alone!