So, I'm pretty sure I'm a sex addict. Bottom line is, over

So, I'm pretty sure I'm a sex addict. Bottom line is, over the past 20 years or so, I have been addicted to sex. I have done a wide variety of sex acts (threesomes, water sports, transexuals, lactation--you name it, I've tried it). I've gone to tons of massage parlors, gotten blown in strip clubs, and probably spent more than $20,000 on hookers in my life. I am married now with a small child, and I so desperately want to stop. But don't feel I can. Wife is going out of town with the child this weekend and I'm already planning what depravity is in store. Anyhow, that's me. Just wanted to share. Help appreciated.

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Welcome to the group. Here if you want to talk

@NiNe so how do you take the first step to change your ways? seems like i’ve lived this way for so long, hard to imagine life any differently.


Well joing the group is a good start. If i figure out how to fix us before you do ill let you know. Still on that journey myself. I find talking to people who understand helps. There are meetings you can attend but i havnt been to one yet. They have set programs designed to help you. If your interested in that i can give you more info. If not guess your stuck like me

I've been exactly where you are, and there is hope... Unfortunately, I had to lose it all (twice) in order to receive my deliverance; but it was worth it. I found my deliverance in Jesus Christ, and God took care of the rest. It is a process; but there were certain aspects that He removed immediately, while others took time. I was sexually abused as a child, and lost my virginity to a prostitute at 11 years old. I was held captive in that bondage for 21 years until God said enough is enough. You're not alone, and you don't have to hide in it... It wasn't until I attended a men's group at church that I realized there were other men living/experiencing the same battles, struggles, and bondage; but more importantly, that there was hope for deliverance in Jesus Christ.

In regards to your family/marriage, don't hide it from your wife. Talk to her about it. Even if you all need to go receive counseling with your pastor or a therapist. I guarantee you, she's struggling with something too. We all are... Not to mention, she already knows and can feel it anyways. The two of you are one; and whatever you feel or are involved in, she feels and experiencing is as well. The only difference right now is that she is being tormented and don't exactly know why. There's nothing that the two of you can't handle together is you put God first. I'll be praying for you!