So I'm struggling a bit now.. I was diagnosed with both low

So I'm struggling a bit now.. I was diagnosed with both low and high risk HPV three months ago, and although I've been managing to get on with my life and feel somewhat happy again, it is now becoming difficult as I have met someone that I really like. I could really see myself dating him, but I keep putting anything below the belt off as I am so terrified of how to go about this. I still have not told a single soul apart from the group and of course the doctors, but now I fear that I will have to tell this guy and he simply won't think the same of me anymore. And I can't live with myself if I don't tell him and carry on as if everything is normal. It's constantly on my mind and preventing me from being happy and I honestly just don't know what to do...

Why are you worried about telling him, yes, it is a bit awkward, but if you like him and he likes you, then really this shouldn't be a huge issue. It is part of your health history, really nothing more.

Well sure it is apart of my health history, and I already have a bad health history, but this is a part that could affect him. It is not something that I would be baring alone as he would have to accept the risks that I am now putting him in... and that he could decide not to be willing to take the precautions. That is what I am worried about. Thank you for your comment :)