So it's been a while. Since I was diagnosed (July 2015) I've

So it's been a while. Since I was diagnosed (July 2015) I've been celibate. I've only told two potential partners, the first one completely blew me off. The second one was really cool about it but we had no chemistry. I'm a 24 year old woman so of course I get horny but the thought of telling everyone I'm interested in about this huge secret turns me off from sex. I've researched this to death and I know that the risk of me giving it to anyone else is pretty low (I'm on daily antivirals) but all I keep thinking about is how I wish I had known before I slept with the person who gave it to me. Part of me wishes I could just do it but sex is not as important to me as it once was. Even though it's really hard (especially when I've been drinking) I want to wait until I'm in a committed relationship to have sex. That way my partner can have full disclosure and care about me more than he fears transmission

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I have been celibate since diagnosis. I have been rejected by three people I told. I have made the decision to only date people with herpes.


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It isn't going to always be that way that someone with herpes is going to be rejected all the time. It really is about a persons own overall health whatever stage they are at in their life and you can't get depressed about it.

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@Purple1 I understand exactly where you are coming from. I'm 32, and it's been a while with me. I didn't really care for dating before this virus. It's been a little hard bc I've had people trying to play match maker, and all I want to do is run. I've had the virus for a little over a year now. I've disclosed to 2 people so far. I've talked to men wit hsv from PS web. GUESS WHAT!? They have disappeared too. Playing games @_@ Ha! It's funny how things work. But, I've just been keeping busy to keep my mind from going in circles lately. Just continue to focus on yourself and I really believe the right person will soon come.

@Real1984 PS didn’t work for me either :frowning:

I am still in limbo. Told my first potential partner. While we stopped that evening, she stayed the night and we are still in contact. However, I have not seenough her since, and we have not talked about it since that night. It's been about two weeks and we have not really had time to see each other. So I am not trying to jump to any conclusion. Time will tell. Even though it may have just been sex, I had to tell her. I could not do to someone what my X wife did to me. It's not easy that's for sure.

I gues ive been lucky. The guy who i was with mr non commitment is back after 10 mthd. Long story but hes ok with me although wont have sex yet. Ive had no other rejection thus far.

I totally know what u mean, the thought of sex isn't the same. I hope u find what your looking for soon. If you'd ever like to message, I'm all ears. I love talking to ppl who feel how I feel. We will get thru it together! I support u <3

Sex can still be the same is all in your mindset. Thats just something that will come with time and with the right person

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