So last night 2 of my sisters and I told my dad how we felt

So last night 2 of my sisters and I told my dad how we felt and I don't think he listened again, I told him a few weeks ago some of the same things and he gave me the same looks....

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That is hard, totally been there. What sort of things did you guys discuss with him?

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@CKarma Well he hasn’t really been much of a dad to any of us and 2 of us had just moved in 3 years ago and since then he hasn’t been a dad to us and we told him and the reason why is because he always plays on his phone

Be there for each other to make up for what your dad isn't giving you. It's sad he cannot offer you more but the good news is he supports you and keeps you safe until you are old enough to fend for yourselves..I hope. Come here as often as you want to chat..if you like. We are here for you. We care.

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@Dana15 The thing about him protecting us, he doesn’t ever know what’s going on and we try our best.

What happened to your mum? What are your ages?

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@Dana15 I’m 15, My sister is 18 and my step sister is 17. My mom and my sister’s mom walked out on us and we live with our step mom

What is your step mum like?

@Dana15 She tries her best to be there for us and she tries to be our mom but it isn’t the same

No of course it's not.sorry your real mum is not there. You are so brave. If you need some extra support think about making an appointment with the school counsellor. They are very good and often go into the profession because they went through the same sort of things you do when they were young. You can always chat to us too. We are here for you. We care.

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@Dana15 I won’t talk to the school counselor but I am in counseling.

that's good :)

No one in my family will talk to a school counselor