So last night my brother took my jacket cuz dad gave it to h

So last night my brother took my jacket cuz dad gave it to him “years ago”. I cried to my friend on the phone and told him that everything and I mean EVERYTHING. All the crap my family has done and and how they used to treat me. The jacket being his is complete bull because I got that jacket out of my father’s the closet and he said the jacket was in his. He said there’s two of them and If it is his cool he still shouldn’t have taken it and lied. As awful as you are you don’t deserve your dead father’s “shirt”. The amount of disrespectful and bs you give everybody is unmeasurable and uncalled for. I never wanted his help with paying for the stuff I need to help my skin. He’s the last person I want trying to help me.

If he had just asked for the jacket back I wouldn’t have been mad.

istg im getting a range and im not even going through all that sh*t

@Samarhy istg?

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