So may be a weird question but i was diagnosed and had my fi

So may be a weird question but i was diagnosed and had my first outbreak 7/31. I have taken all the antivirals proscribed by the doc. I feel 100x better than i did but still feel like something is going on..maybe just the scabs healing? Anyway its been 2 weeks and i have no more ulcers..just wondering when its safe to have sex again? My husband and i are both positive and both getting over a recent outbreak. Weve discussed using protection until further notice to avoid outbreaks. Any input or suggestions? We are a very active couple in our sex life and its been!

being you both have HSV, it's whatever you feel comfortable with. generally about a week to 10 days. remember, vigorous sex can cause Triggers... feel blessed that you both have healthy sex lives and by both of you having it, basically you have no problems!!! enjoy!

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Ok so my doctor told me if me and my boyfriend were both positive ( got it from him), then we could have sex like normal. We did and never had it transfer to oral HSV. That's what I miss the most, having a sex life with no restrictions. You don't pass it back and forth if you both have it. Now that I'm not with him anymore, I'll have to disclose to anyone in the future.

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your doc is correct. remember, though you cannot transfer it back and forth, you can “spread it” from area to area under the right conditions. it’s called “Herpes AutoInoculation”, therefore caution is ALWAYS advised.

@a_survivor, yes that makes sense. Definitely wouldn't want to have oral with a outbreak down below to avoid that from happening!

Thanks for always sharing your knowledge. I'm coming up on a year and am starting to have better days than bad ones. :)

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@Lina25 :
it’s your metamorphic transition into that beautiful person you’re meant to be!

Thank you for all the input. We are actively trying to start a family but then this so its a little overwhelmingly and a minor set back....but we figured until were both 100% we would use protection just to avoid any spreading...but if the ulcers are healed and scabbed is it still possible to spread?

chances are much less, but “YES”. It’s call “Asymptomatic Shedding”… see: