So, most of the time I am an angry and depressed person, for

So, most of the time I am an angry and depressed person, for a lot of reasons but I do my best to conceal my feelings, I tend to have violent and angry dreams. And when I wake up from these dreams I'm horrified at what I have done in them, I sometimes have dreams of bludgeoning people in the face with rocks or other blunt objects repeatedly until their face caves in and their blood is all over me and I'm covered and surrounded by it... And in my dream, I'm enjoying myself.... And when I wake up, I'm horrified at what I thought up but at the same time, sometimes, I wish I could actually do this to those who hurt or bother me. Other things happen in my dreams too... Like recently me and my wife have split ways and she has already started seeing this man who kinda had a hand in ending our relationship and see, this guy has slept with her when she was underage and he was an adult in the past, see, in my dream, I told her that I was disgusted in her as a human being, and that if there is a heaven or hell that if and when she does die that she will rot in the deepest darkest circle of hell and then I spit and told her to run back to her pedifle piece of sh*t. when I woke up, I was so angry that I was fuming, I feel so strongly about this that I'm dreaming about it.

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You have serious anger issues, you needed to visited a therapist! You needed anger management, your dreams, are so ghastly, gruesome, and vivid! It scares me reading about them, I can imagined, how you feel. But you seemed to be enjoying, how graphic, they are! You seemed yo wanted to hurt the man, who cheated with your wife. Yes, your anger is manifesting, into dreams! But I'm not an expert, see a professional, for your anger issues quickly! SG friends are Here to support, and be supported. Be Strong, the Best, is Yet, to Come.

It's not the worst I've had by far.... I've had worse, and at times the me inside my head goes a little too far, to where I have hard times going back to sleep.

I know a lot of my anger goes back to school days, I grew up in a really ghetto area and the schools are so bad that we had to have metal detectors every morning, we had every gang there almost, bloods, crops, folks, f 13, sir 13 and more. I got picked on a lot for being white and overweight, that's saying something.... Needless to say, I got suspended a lot for fighting as a kid, I found out that my sibling who I looked up to as a kid turning out to be trans gendered and that was a hard pill to swallow, and there are A few other things. So, I can see why I'm so angry.

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