So much going on in my life I can't deal with it all anymore

So much going on in my life I can't deal with it all ex shows you last night about going our relationship but I was so angry at him and acted like I didn't care but I do,I love him to death,I really believe he is the one,I need him.he makes me so happy.we have slot of problems it I'm willing to work through it all.I don't know if he really lives me though like he says he does.then my kids are driving me bat crazy,work has me stressed.nothing seems to go right in my life.I just want to be happy and I need him back.I need to vent I think

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vent away!

Thanks,my oldest son acts like a teenager there is no reasoning with him,he hardly listens always has an youngest is two.all I do is chase him,yelling at home,putting him in turnout.the remains and the whining.I'm so lucky to get five minutes to sit down or even to eat.then work I nobody does anything.I'm the one running around getting everything done.why does the guy I love always accuse me of cheating,if he thought that then why did he start with me so long,the names he calls me but I still go back,Cuz I love him and I know we can get through everything.he really is a good guy.I'm going crazy without him and I'm going crazy with everything else in my life.I just want this guy to know I ain't a cheater,I've been faithful,I want him as my future

Read "The Verbally Abusive Relationship" by Patricia Evans. Calling you names in NOT ok. "Nobody does anything" to help, is a red flag. "Accusing you of cheating", red flag. This relationship sounds somewhat abusive, sorry. You may want to contact a local domestic abuse agency to receive free counseling. I have been in abusive relationships that I confused w/ "love". Many of us on this site have. You are not alone in this.
Saying "no" all day to a two yr old is a drag. I found it helpful to lock doors and cabinets. "Child proof" as much as possible, so that your entire day in not filled w/ the word "no". Best wishes. Hope you find this site safe and supportive.